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Saturday 2 December 2017

Book Speak

This morning L and I run at Bestwood Parkrun, Daughter was out on the lash in Leicester last night and stays over in multi-starred accommodation. Bestwood is rather hilly and rather potholed, as I find out when I fall down one, turn my ankle and limp home in a rather pedestrian time.

The cafe at Bestwood doesn't open until 10am, so instead we try out a nice little cafe in Radford.

Then it’s the match, where Derby grind out a rather un-pretty 1-0 win against an obdurate Burton Albion.

In the evening we are meeting some friends in Derby, for an early meal at Pepitos. L heads over on the bus intending to get a stint of browsing in at Waterstones before I have walked over from the match. ‘Browsing’ is of course book speak for purchasing. She thinks with my freshly acquired dodgy ankle she’ll have plenty of time. She is wrong. I meet her off the Red Arrow and escort her personally to Waterstones, which is very thoughtful of me.

After a pleasant meal, our friends go home and we go for a few drinks in the Brunswick. Well I have a few drinks, L has a nap. Such is the level of my company.

(Saturday 2nd December)

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