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Monday 4 December 2017

Not Unsurprising News

Today I get the not unsurprising news that my outdoor Monday dog training is now suspended until February at the earliest. It’s actually a relief because now I can plan things in advance for Mondays. Luckily I’d already anticipated this Monday's cancellation and I'm all set to ruin my day in the gym after work.

L is out tonight, having a Christmas Curry with friends in Borrowash. We rendezvous later in Beeston Tesco so that she can top up her storage box collection which may soon be rivalling the size of her book collection. This means once again running the gauntlet of ‘Now That’s What I Call Christmas’ on their PA system which surely everyone is already sick of, despite is only being the 4th of December. I’ve already been through it once today at Sainsbury’s.

Back home I sit sharing my cheese and pate with Doggo, slipping him chunks of bread covered in the stuff in an attempt to fatten him up. That is until MD rumbled what was going on and I had to stop. 

(Monday 4th December)

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