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Saturday 16 December 2017

Vanilla Gorilla

L doubts that I’ll be up for a parkrun this morning but she is wrong. I’ve not really had that much to drink and as the curries were so benign, I don’t have any pressing lavatorial commitments.

In any case we’re off to Sherwood Pines, in search of a nice crisp woodland run, where there’s plenty of trees to hide behind if some reason their facilities aren’t open. We even manage to find the right entrance this time without getting lost.

Afterwards L heads off another, probably doomed, shopping trip and, yes, she fails to get the decorations she was looking for. While I head off to the Blue Monkey shop at Giltbrook. Yet again they have sold out of the triple packs of Chocolate Orange, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Coffee Gorilla Stout. The only way to get hold of any of them is to buy a mini-keg and that's only available in Chocolate Mint. It’ll be a challenge getting through that.

There’s a match in the afternoon and then in the evening we’re first in the Borlase and then Blue Monkey’s Organ Grinder. Where I am informed that they had Chocolate Orange on draught but it ran out at lunchtime. They do have Chocolate Coffee in the cellar but it’s not coming on until Monday. 

So it’s just plain vanilla Gorilla tonight, not that it tastes of vanilla of course. Perhaps they could do that one for next year?

(Saturday 16th December)

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