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Friday 8 December 2017

Milking The Moose

I’m back in London today and L is worried I’m going to stay over to do a London Parkrun without her and MD. As if. It’s just a day trip and anyway, MD and I have a dog show tomorrow. L would desperately like to tour London in Parkruns.

We head off down at 6am again but manage to leave around 3pm, so we don’t get back mega late. The trip goes well, mostly. Some more issues have arisen but these are things our customer needs to sort out. 

It’s a bit of a stormy trip down, thanks to sweet Storm Caroline. Together we can rock ‘n’ roll.

L gets a bottle of Moose Milk from her boss. The recipe we’ve seen mentions six parts Jack Daniels to two parts Bacardi plus milk, eggs and seasoning then it's fermented for four weeks but I think he’s souped it up a bit. It's deadly.

My contribution is a bag of Twix cookies on expenses from London.

(Friday 8th December)

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