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Thursday 14 February 2019

A Good Ponder

I like a good ponder when I’m out on my long runs, so correct me if I’m wrong but back in the day wasn’t Valentine’s Day for people who were single? Wasn’t the idea that this day was for single folk to secretly declare their interest in other single folk while those already paired up just got on with their lives? Not any more.

I ponder this injustice as I run home, singly (as in running on my own), past multiple pubs selling their Valentine’s night experience. Anyone who popped an anonymous card through a door this morning and have since bagged a date for tonight will be unlikely to get a table ahead of all the couples who probably booked last summer.

It is at that point that I literally bump into L as I run through the Uni. I grab a quick sweaty snog and hope that has secured my own date for the evening. After her tennis that is.

Although when I offer the still drying out L a romantic Valentine's glass of wine later, I get a look a bit like the one Doggo used to give me when I tried to get a worming tablet down him. So not a hugely succesful seduction.

(Thursday 14th February)

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