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Sunday 10 February 2019

Not Exactly Warming

This morning L, Daughter and myself are all running the Nottingham Winter Warmer Run at Wollaton Park. It’s a 10k but there’s also a 5k option. As ever with Wollaton Park it’s a one lap or two lap choice.

Daughter is joined by two of her men. A +1 I suppose and a +2. They all park at ours and walk across while I, although I know it’s not really the done thing, drive over so that we can take the dogs with us. I manage to park them nice and close to the start, so then it’s easy to give them a run around both before and after the race.

I initially try to stay with Daughter’s +1 or was it the +2, the one that regularly does the parkruns with us, but he’s far too fleet footed (e.g. young) for me to keep pace with but I will blame the somewhat slippery conditions.

I slither around in a mind bogglingly bad 49:02 but given that the whole thing is miserably wet, cold and very muddy, I was just pleased to get around without getting injured. If ever the phrase 'Winter Warmer' had been misused, this was it. The only thing warming about it was the hot shower back at home afterwards.

Anyhow. Training run ticked. Naturally, L loved the conditions.

Then after a chilled afternoon, we go for a late Sunday Lunch at the Wollaton pub. 

(Sunday 10th February)

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