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Friday 8 February 2019

Light Night

This year is the twelfth time that Nottingham has held it’s annual Light Night and although we’ve considered it before, we’ve never been. Tonight we decide to give it a go.

L’s tennis is off because it’s very windy but before we hit Light Night I need to get my run in.

I don’t run as far tonight, partly because of wanting to do Light Night but also because of the wind, which was almost blowing me off my feet at lunchtime but then Pride Park does get the worst of it. I run the nine miles or so to Long Eaton and meet L in Tesco’s car park, where she has a complete change of clothes for me and hot coffee.

Then we drive into town where we park in the train station car park. The dogs have come too but we leave them in the car. The plan was to walk the boys as well but a lot of Light Night looks like it’s indoors but then even taking MD into places like the Market Square when it’s busy might not be the best idea. He can be a bit sensitive.

First stop is Carrington Street, where there are old images being projected onto the wall which are pretty cool. This turns out to be the highlight, the rest of it was nothing special. Lots of displays from schools which is great for them but not actually that exciting for everyone else. There’s quite a bit of dancing and such, again quite good but not really ‘light’ related or particularly exciting.

After our wander around we end up in BeerHeadZ, the micro bar by the railway station. Where I think L feels I’m leading her astray by ordering her a half pint of the 3.0% beer they have on although this is only a 0.2% upgrade on the Mackesons she’s hooked on at home. At least we showed we can still have disagreements without having to be drunk. 

(Friday 8th February)

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