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Saturday, 16 February 2019

Hucknall, At Last

On Saturday we head down to Market Harborough for their parkrun. Not only for their parkrun but because they handing out the numbers of the Naseby run I’ve entered. Picking it up now will mean less rush on the day. Then it’s home from the 12:30 kick off of Brighton v Derby in the FA Cup on BT Sport, which Derby lose.

Strangely L mentioned the Hucknall Beer Festival the other day. This is an event I have put in my diary most years but for various reasons we’ve never made it there. L and I once went up to have a look on a Sunday lunchtime many moons ago but all the beer had sold out the night before so it was a wasted trip. I think that was at the Town Hall, now it’s at the John Godber Centre. As I recall we had nice lunch and a drink in a local pub instead.

I thought that was the first running of it, so I’m surprised to hear that this year is it’s 22nd year. Making the first one in 1997. Could it have been that long ago? Possibly.

Anyhow, it’s a bit odd to have the post-race night out before the race but we go for a visit. We take the tram there with a special event ticket for £2 return. It’s the furthest I’ve ever been on the tram and it takes an age, around 45 minutes on the actual tram plus footwork at either end.

It’s a small festival, which are the best kind, but like most it lacks seats but we get a couple eventually. With it being a Saturday a lot of the most interesting beers have already sold out, such as Blue Monkey’s all new Vanilla Gorilla.

The Champion Beer of Nottinghamshire is being held here this year after being held at the Canalhouse since it’s inception in 2013 and the winner this year is a new Stout from Shipstone’s called Krubera. It is also sold out.

I have some decent beers - Harrison’s (Retford) Stout 5.3%, Brewhouse Knight Light Oatmeal Stout 5.4%, Barlow Jolly Roger Porter 5.2%, Gun Dog (Northants) Chilly Dog 4.0% and Cat Asylum (Collingham) Imperial Baltic Stout 6.3%. L sticks to Double Top (Worksop) Nelson Mild 3.5%.

We have a few chips at the festival then we get home I cook pasta to power me round tomorrow.

(Saturday 16th February)

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