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Thursday 7 February 2019

Tinder For Tennis

I’m on the bike on Wednesday and, after its service, it’s like having a new bike.

L has half a day at work before heading off home to meet the various men she’s got booked. One chap to cut our tree and one to measure for the new carpet. The tree man is very quick or should that be efficient. I hope we haven’t overpaid him.

L has been looking for a tennis buddy to have a game with but, in the absence of a Tinder For Tennis app, she’s managed to pair up with somebody from her Thursday group for a game. I imagine it’s potentially open to misinterpretation anyway if you Tinder for a ‘knock up’. Her Thursday coach is looking to set up their own WhatsApp group which sounds much safer. Meanwhile the boys and I are dogging.

On Thursday we have the fourth and final race in the Embankment 5k Winter Series and I nearly don’t make it after getting stuck on the bus, in traffic, on the A52. Make it though I do, for what is a windy run. So there are concerns about getting blown into the river and not just tripping in the dark and falling in to the river which has been a concern of mine all series. Thankfully my cunning plan of hurling myself into one of the many large piles of leaves on the footpath, when this happens, has never been used and a good job too, as the wind has now dispensed with those piles.

Last week I showed L an article about ‘the rise of the superfit oldies’ e.g. those of more advanced years. Which simply confirms that no matter how old I get I will never win my age category. At least L is already winning hers which she does again tonight and I coerce L into a celebratory half in the Dispensary afterwards. 

(Thursday 7th February)

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