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Monday 4 February 2019


In the evening, L and I run with the dogs along the now regular university loop. Daughter is otherwise engaged taking delivery of an arm chair, so we don't have to stop to pick bulrushes. I think that’s some sort of home decoration thing that Daughter has got going in.

Daughter does pass on the splits she took from the last dog run we did during which I sneakily strapped L to the Lad. The average pace was around 6 minutes per kilometre e.g. a 30 minute parkrun and that was with a few stops, zigzags, stealing bulrushes etc. I think the Lad would definitely bag L a 29 minute parkrun, at the very least. L declines the offer saying it would be unnatural and potentially dangerous when self-preservation is quite high on her agenda. She’s far too sensible.

The run itself is almost a throwback to the old old days (circa 1996!) as we end up in bed afterwards, only without doing the pub and then without sending L home to her babysitter afterwards.

(Monday 4th February)

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