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Sunday 3 February 2019

Calorie Burn

Today, I think, see the start of the Year of the Pig. That’s Chinese New Year by the way.

Sadly we couldn’t find any races for today, so I end up at the Velodrome again. Which is no bad thing.

Afterwards Daughter is stunned to hear that my Garmin is saying that I have burnt 1490 calories during the two hours. I have absolutely no idea where it plucked that figure from but I think she might be joining me next time. However this may have been my last session for a while as I have a full running calendar now.

Whether that will include the nomadic Nottingham 10k from Run for All I’m not sure. It starts at the University this year and it's basically two laps of the campus. So it's pretty much the Jagermeister or, less catchily, the Castle Rock as it’s latterly been called. 

(Sunday 3rd February)

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