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Wednesday 13 February 2019

The Particular Hoop

I’m on the bike today while L runs with Daughter, who still has her ‘man’ staying with her, in the evening.

It turns out that while we were at Tears For Fears on Tuesday the dogs got an hours walk, a ball chucking session at the University and then fish and chips to round off the evening, which may or may not have included mushy peas. None of which they have admitted to. Suddenly we don’t feel so guilty about leaving them.

Then I’m at dog training and on the way I pop in at my parents’ to try to get my Chromecast gadget working so that we can all watch Derby’s FA Cup 5th Round Match with Brighton. It’s on BT Sport and this appears to be the particular hoop you need to jump through to receive it. Unfortunately my Dad’s internet doesn’t seem to be strong enough to do it, so it’s a no go.

(Wednesday 13th February) 

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