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Monday 11 February 2019

Blowing The Dust Off The Vinyl

L announces that she's going to get rid of all her old vinyl as she reckons she’s not played them since about 1978, nor is she likely to. That’s clearly a slight exaggeration as I look through them to see if there’s anything I’d keep but she says I won’t want her teenage Northern Soul gumph.

I dig out something a little more ‘modern’ than that, Tears For Fears ‘Seeds Of Love’ from 1989. As we are going to see them tomorrow night I blow the dust off the record to give it a play, then I also need to blow the dust off the record player in order to play it.

This all reminds me that I must sort out a modern way of playing our music collection. Speakers on the WiFi, that sort of thing. Looking at the record player I might have to invest in a decent turntable as well so that I can play my own vinyl.

In the evening L is out in Derby and I pick her up afterwards even though she delays collection until 9pm, well past her bedtime.

(Monday 11th February)

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