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Wednesday 16 November 2011

The Austerity Sandwich

I attempt to run into work. It was hard work. I just couldn't get going, then when I did I ran rather flatfooted which made my Helvellyn ankle sore, then I think my back went. So it went quite well really.

We have a new sandwich van on Pride Park which looks promising. I just hope it keeps coming and doesn’t give up after a few months like most of them seem to have done. The sandwich selection looks good too. No austerity sandwich though, like the 7.5p toast sandwich that made the news this week. Victorian apparently. News that may interest the studently challenged Sheffield and Warwick branches of our household.

My pub trip after work is off, which is a shame, as I've used it as an excuse to not do any training tonight. One mate forgot all about it and hasn’t been checking his email but isn’t on the ale anyway, as he's been ill. The other mate is ill right now, full of cold, but would have answered the call of duty anyway. So it sounds like I had a lucky escape really. Anyhow, we’re rescheduled, so now I can now reuse it as an excuse to not do any training before my next race in a fortnight.

Still tonight's cancellation is all good news for the dogs, whom I can now speed home to.

(Wednesday 16th November)

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