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Tuesday 1 November 2011

Yay, Its Friday

Yay, its Friday. For me anyway. My last day at work this week.

At lunch I head into town and book a black tie suit for the awards evening next week. L heads into town for survival rations for the two runs at the weekend. She reckons with her navigational skills she may need a couple of days worth. I’m sure she’s worrying unnecessarily, for a start she’s got a huge lake by the name of Ullswater to follow on the Sunday. Although I’ve not mentioned the killer walks I have planned before then.

I manage to fit a game of squash in tonight, although we won’t dwell on the score line. The dogs insist on coming too, so they get a nice trip out in the boot of the car and an hour or so in the car park.

(Tuesday 1st November)

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