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Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Old Dog, New Tricks

A rare outing for the bike this morning. It was ok but I can still feel them Cumbrian hills, or should that be all that Cumbrian mud, in my legs.

On the way to work I pass L, Doggo and a traumatised MD. The road sweeper upset him. Perhaps though, he just protecting Doggo, who usually hides behind trees when things like that come around the corner.

My dad drops in some cufflinks, so now I’m suitably suited for tomorrow’s Oscars ceremony.

At training tonight, we have a new set of weaves. The Kennel Club have changed the spacing between the poles for 2012. Whereas before there was an accepted range, now it’s a fixed spacing, set at the largest end of the previous range.

The thing is I don’t notice we have new 2012 regulation weaves. MD doesn't either, unless the fact he got them bang on correct was an indication that he prefers them. Doggo, on the other hand, the old hand, who is training for the first time in two months, gets half way through them and stops sensing something isn't right.... He aborts, shakes his head and thereafter refuses to go all the way through them. Perhaps it’s a good thing we’re packing it in mate. Old dog, new tricks and all that.

(Wednesday 9th November)

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