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Friday, 11 November 2011

Where's The Bacon?

We get a lie in at the hotel and then breakfast at a leisurely 9am. I mean you don’t want to be tackling London rush hour if you can avoid it and certainly not with a hangover.

Breakfast is not the best at our Holiday Inn. Scrambled eggs, sausages, beans and ... err, that's it. There are so many components of a Full English missing from that list that it defies comment but most glaringly is the lack of bacon. How can you possibly have a cooked breakfast without bacon?

The hotel has a manic toaster too, worse even than ours at home. How would you like your toast sir, lightly warmed or burnt to a crisp? Sadly, we have nothing in between. Still it soaks up last night’s excesses.

Then we head back up the M1 to a momentous reception (sort of) back at the office. Once at my desk, I call up the BBC News website expecting to see our photos plastered across their home page but I’m sadly disappointed.

Then its home to get reacquainted with L before a night out at my brother’s. Which is an immediate opportunity to brag a bit and show off the photos. L offers to drive so that I can celebrate in style but I’m a bit celebrated out to be honest. It's her turn with the family hangover if she so desires.

(Friday 11th November)

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