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Monday 7 November 2011

The Cleanest Room In The House

The office seem impressed with parts of my ‘activity weekend’ in the Lake District, unfortunately it’s mainly the fact that we met Shergar and Lord Lucan.

I head into Derby to collect my black tie suit. The big question then is do I bring it home, where all the dog hairs are... I do but I put it up in Daughter’s room, which due to her being away at University and the fact that L has blitzed it, is now, for the first time in its existence, the cleanest room in the house.

I do a bit of a double take as I drive home. I’m sure that was a tandem I just passed. You don’t see many of those. Even odder were the people riding it. Whilst there was a chap in his hi-viz gear and helmet powering away through the light drizzle on the front of the bike, behind him, his female co-pilot was not so attired. In fact she seemed to have come straight from the office, still with her hair up and sat there almost regally, despite the rain, freewheeling and not contributing at all to the forward propulsion of the bike. As I said, an odd sight.

MD has his quick paws on at training tonight. Perhaps he’s missing competing, now that we’re having a winter break. The trainer is impressed with his enthusiasm and his head almost managed to keep up with his paws though I’m not sure my head can.

(Monday 7th November)

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