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Tuesday 8 November 2011

I Shall Complain To My Tailor

In the car again, mainly to get back early to keep the boys company. Who I then take to squash with me again. They enjoyed the car park that much last time, so why not.

They have a new system at the leisure centres, because people weren’t turning up for courts they’d booked you now have to pay in advance. I’m not sure this will actually increase revenue, if that’s the intention, because we got a court easily for tonight, despite only trying to book yesterday. So it may simply reduce spurious bookings which at least it should mean we get a court more easily.

It's a good game actually, for me. I lead 2-1 and then think I've sealed the match when I win the fourth game but he calls a highly controversial let. Controversial in that there was no way (in my opinion) it was a let. You have to honour these things though... and then of course he wins the game to level at 2-2. After that, I CBA in the last game, so a 3-2 defeat but I claim a moral victory.

I try on my posh black tie suit, complete with dickie bow, and L takes a photo. I think she described my look as ‘sweet’ or something similar. She certainly didn’t say sexy. I shall complain to my tailor.

I also discover a problem with it. The cuffs of the posh shirt don’t have any buttons on them... Hmmm. I’m going to need some of those cufflinks things to fasten them. Another first, never worn cufflinks before. I text my father, he’s bound to have some.

(Tuesday 8th November)

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