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Tuesday 25 September 2012

A Moment To Savour

L’s been for a sports massage, which was a present from some friends for her birthday. Odd choice of gift I know. It was also an hour long and I bet every minute hurt. The ten minute post-race ones I usually have are painful enough. Somebody digging their thumbs into a lump that wasn’t there 13.1 miles ago is always a moment to savour.

L’s confirms it was horrible but it's sorted out the bad back she didn't know she had before she walked in. It was so horrible, she’s booked another. When you consider that the masseur, or should we call them a sports therapist, was a twenty-something 6ft Italian girl with boots and a ponytail, I can see why I’d rebook.

Well, I thought I was having quite a good morning until heard about L’s.

After work I run to my parents’ house to spend the evening installing my Dad’s new PC and wireless router. L drops off the dogs to keep my Dad occupied and distracted, while I work. Then she picks us up again on the way home from her own parents. I achieved most of what I set out to do although I don’t manage to extract his files off his old machine and will have to do that at home.

(Tuesday 25th September)

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