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Sunday 9 September 2012

Silver, Awesome... Not Convinced

Today, one of the most local dog show I’ve ever been to. It’s at Shelford Manor in Nottinghamshire. Although I had no idea where that was. Turns out its near Gunthorpe.

Formerly a priory in around 1160, it became a manor in 1536 but in 1645 during the English Civil War the house was stormed, plundered for valuables and burnt to the ground. It was rebuilt after the civil war although the site is now used as a farm. Today it’s gone to the dogs.

Perhaps I’ve found the problem with MD, he doesn’t travel well. Either today’s shorter travelling distance suits him or somebody has swapped my dog for a different one because I quite simply do not recognise the one I’m competing with today as the same one I had last weekend. This one is listening to me.

Our first run, on a jumping course, is a clear round and OMG, we’re leading. Although it is early days. I go back later as they call up the last of the 150 dogs in the class to find out that we’re still leading. Then, as they are just about the close the class, somebody sees one last competitor weaving his way across the field towards us. Oh, we’ll just let him run, they say. They do and that is how the very last dog to run pushed us down to second. Gutted.

I break the news to MD and he’s gutted too, inconsolable, sobbing on my shoulder. L tries to lift our spirits with a text proclaiming ’silver, awesome’. We’re not convinced.

My new, listening dog isn’t done though and puts in another clear on the next jumping course and comes 4th this time. Missing the medals was my fault really. I let him do too wide a turn at one point on the course.

We’re still rubbish in the agility events though, due to our summer break ruining his contacts but we can work on that.

Doggo is clear in his first Vets run, there’s no rosette but thankfully no sign of his limp either. In his second run though, he gets eliminated by going back over the start jump, a basic error, which is a bit embarrassing really.

Well I never... I was a little surprised to hear of the launch of the Agility Girls Calendar. You know, scantily clad babes posing in front of agility equipment for charity. I run the risk of offending many when I say it's not a sport that attracts many that you would describe as babe-like. Then I was gutted to find out that a 2014 men’s one has already been scheduled and they haven’t asked me. Something to do with not fitting the correct demographic myself I suppose.

Back home L’s painting in an old shirt and not much else, again, which she delights in telling me knowing she’s at a safe distance. For now.

After a meal out last night, a take away in tonight. Life without kids.

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