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Thursday 13 September 2012

Four Days Out Of Seven

We need to get back to being AF on four days out of seven. Drinking on just Thursday, Friday and then Saturday or Sunday depending on the race schedule.

Although tonight can be a bonus AF Thursday as I have no squash/tennis this week. Then again being AF after a dog club committee meeting is a big ask... and anyway, it all went to pot when I got invited to the pub at lunchtime. It wasn’t my fault Gov, it just happened. I will still stick to those three nights though. Thursday, Friday and Sunday this week.

We had a letter through our door from some debt collectors asking about our neighbours. Now I’m not saying our neighbours aren’t a bit dodgy themselves but having read up about the debt collecting company on the internet, they looked like they redefined dodgy. So binned it. I'm having no part of that.

Daughter joined the gym at the start of this week, which was a bit of a life changing moment in itself, and she’s still there. By that I mean, I think she’s moved in, it’s well weird. She must be stalking somebody.

(Thursday 13th September)

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