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Saturday 15 September 2012

Out Of The Medals

Another dog show today that I drag myself out of bed for. I leave L with a hangover. I did warn her. Five halves of Festival is enough for anybody.

I arrive a bit late. It said Rugby on the info but I ended up driving through Rugby and out the other side. Next stop Leamington, so not far from Son. I’m late so I don’t get chance to walk our first course. Yet, typically MD nails it. Another clear. We are second for ages but eventually finish fourth. Just out of the medals. No bad considering this is for all grades up to Grade 5.

That was MD’s third jumping clear in a row. Won’t last. Didn’t last. It’s soon back to being rubbish, after that brief high. Quite why MD decides to randomly stop in front of one jump and bark at me, only he knows.

We have one really scrappy run and fell a pole but they still give us a rosette for 13th, out of sympathy I think. It was a tough course but we should have done better. Its courses like that that we should be able to win on.

Then we wait for Doggo’s late shift. I always hate the fact that the Veterans' courses are usually so simple. They figure old dogs need it easy because they’re a bit older. They may be older but they’re not stupid. Doggo can still do a full course, he just can't jump as high.

Today the judge sets a more complex course, it's much better and I get lost. Eliminated. Sorry mate. I'll keep my mouth shut in future.

For tea L bakes Apple Crumble made with our own apples, I do pasta and with an early bedtime, before tea, I’m all ready for tomorrow’s half marathon now.

(Saturday 15th September)

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