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Saturday 8 September 2012

Leaving It All Out On The Road

I’d looked at the Le Petit Grand Prix bike sportive in Lincoln today. Until I noticed it looked lacking in feed stations, entries and the general razzmatazz I like in these events. So we stayed home.

I’m sure L was gutted, as she was going to join me. Although she hides her disappointment well.

So gardening instead, lovely. Well, with Doggo banned from ball games due to his limp and a dog show tomorrow, the park wouldn’t have been much fun. MD's time is probably better spent anyway with me trying to remind his what agility equipment looks like before we go off to cock up a few courses tomorrow.

L runs to the gym and then complains of feeling faint when she gets there. I’m so proud of her, for clearly ‘leaving it all out on the road’, as they say. Even if, in her words, it was only 6 bloody k. Just like when I could have done with her assistance yesterday after my run, she could so with me there now, slapping her around the face.

A even better cure is a good night out. So to the H&H for two pints, then Brewdog for two strong halves and an even stronger shared third. Then to the Malaysian restaurant below Brewdog for a very decent meal. So the good night out is achieved and we even resisted the call of the Old Peculiar. Now there’s a first.

(Saturday 8th September)

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