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Friday 21 September 2012

Under The Weight Of Eton Mess

Today is a day off work so that we can head down to Ipswich for the weekend. Then I discover that we can’t get on the campsite until 4pm. So there’s no point leaving before lunch and it’s nice to get a lie in.

As we reached the outskirts of Ipswich it’s relatively easy to find the Half Marathon HQ, which is well signed. Not so the dog show that makes up the other half of the weekend but eventually we find Trinity Park where it is being held.

Agility competitors always complain when they end up being camped too far from the competition area. I don’t understand this, as I prefer the peace and quiet of being as far away as possible.

Today we find ourselves a nice secluded spot on the edge of the show, then once settled we seek out the local pub, the Dog and Shepherd. Which is about 200 yards as the crow flies but by foot requires a perilous half mile or so trek down a dual carriageway with no pavement with two dogs. Nice.

The pub is ok, serves a decent meal and has Camra discount. Not that any of the staff know this, despite there being a foot high sign on the bar. It’s only Greene King IPA anyway, so we soon end up on the wine.

It’s a shame the race isn’t tomorrow because the carbo-loading potential of the desserts is huge. Once I’ve dispatched my Apple Pie, I have to rescue L from under the weight of her huge Eton Mess.

(Friday 21st September)

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