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Thursday 20 September 2012

Halcyon Days

I cycle into work and then sign up for Ride London, which is a 100 Sportive mostly on the Olympic bike course and starting from the Olympic Park. This is only for a place in the ballot though. They are accepting 75,000 people into the ballot for 20,000 places, so I probably won’t get in.

I offer to enter L as well, although there are only two distances :- the Full Monty 100 miles or the family ride of 8 miles.

Surprisingly she says yes and to the 100. Probably assuming we won’t get places and if she got a place and I didn’t, she’d sacrifice it for me. Of course, if we both get in, someone’s going to have to do some training.

There’s a 9 hour time limit as well, so leisurely cake stops are out. There’s no time to dally because the professionals will be unleashed a few hours after us plebs. So you could get overtaken by Wiggo. All the more reason to dally I suppose.

Squash returns tonight. Which is much more my boat that tennis, it’s just a shame I have less than half an hour recovery time from getting off the bike to walking out on court. It’s not pretty, trying to remember how to play squash again, but I’m still won't be longing for a return of those halcyon days of tennis.

I feel I’ve earned my pint in the Navigation afterwards.

(Thursday 20th September)

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