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Thursday, 27 September 2012

A Timesaving Short Cut

Another busy and tiring bike and squash combo today. At reviving lunch time pub trip is therefore very welcome.

The new hole in our car park fence, kindly created by yesterday’s burglars, is proving popular and getting plenty of use as it now provides a handy timesaving cut through to the centre of Pride Park. One thing the industrial park has never had is footpaths. You always have to follow the meandering roads meaning something that is actually in spitting distance (sorry) from your office window can take fifteen minutes to actually walk to.

A decent game of squash. Four very close games. As I lie on the court floor gasping for air I turn down the offer of a fifth and we adjourn to the pub instead. I really must give up cycling and playing squash on the same evening.

At least it’s Friday. What you mean it isn’t? I won’t tell L.

(Thursday 27th September)

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