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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Rest And Refuelling

A rest and refuelling day today. Otherwise known as a night out down the pub.

I arrive at work to find that the office next to ours was broken into last night and they pinched a load of their computers. Well actually, a load of other peoples computers because they are a repair shop for Apple equipment. Obviously our kit wasn’t good enough for them, unless they’re planning on coming back.

It shows up how bad the security is here. The windows have a couple of simple catches on them and do not lock all the way around like most modern residential windows now do. We thought this wouldn’t matter because all the windows have protective cages on them but they just bent these aside. So those were a complete waste of time. Leaves us feeling a bit defenceless ourselves. I assume we can’t improve things ourselves because we don’t own the building.

After work I meet my friend in the Brunswick for a few beers before we head across to the local Italian, which informs us that they can’t do us any pizzas, garlic breads, focaccia etc etc because their oven is broken. So it’s pasta all round then. Rather good pasta as it happens and it might actually become my default choice.

My friend disappears early, so with 50 minutes to wait for the bus I take Stephen and Isabelle (my Birdsong audiobook) for a swift one, no point waiting outside in the cold.

(Wednesday 26th September)

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