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Saturday 29 September 2012

It Would Be Rude Not To

We get up around lunch time, how studently, and then I go down the park with the dogs, after which it’s almost time to meet L from the gym, where we’ve agreed to rendezvous at 5pm. The missing hour or so in there is taken up sorting out Daughter’s latest financial disaster, which was not of her making. Are there any banks that aren’t useless?

I end up hobbling as quickly as I can on my dodgy knee as I know L will have been evicted from the leisure centre dead on the official closing time, probably even if she was in the shower at the time.

I’m only a couple of minutes late and pleased to see they let her get dressed before eviction. A 5pm start is early even for us but we have a 5.30am start to Malvern tomorrow, so an early night is preferable.

It’s early days for the Ropewalk beer festival, yet they only have 2 beers on. A delay in restocking they say. It’s a good job one of them is a decent stout. Midway through the second one, or it may have even been the first one, L suggests going for a curry tonight. I feel this may only be because to get there we have to pass the Peacock and the Old Peculiar. It would be rude not to drop in and have one, or two.

The curry house is busy. It’s never busy, although we’re never this early. So our planned early evening gets derailed by the resultant wait. Good to see it busy though.

(Saturday 29th September)

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