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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

An Epistle

We’ve had a letter from the council asking if we have any parking issues on our street. Do they mean like people parking across the end of our drive, leaving me just about enough room to get my bike out. The epistle I’m writing on the subject may take me some time to complete.

I’ve started a new book, Zoo Station by David Downing. Already it’s had me doing an L and reaching for Wikipedia. The opening scenes are set in 1938 in the Free City of Danzig... or Gdansk as it is more commonly known. Somehow this had passed me by until now.

After work I attempt a run and ease my way to 8 miles, including a few walks along the way to make sure nothing snapped. It was about time I restarted the half marathon training, as its only 12 days to Sheffield.

(Tuesday 30th April)

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