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Monday, 20 January 2014

Spicing Things Up

My diary this week
Monday – nothing
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday – squash (possibly)
Friday - nothing

Oh, I’m so boring. L agrees that she’s never seen so many ‘nothings’ in my diary. Ever.

I attempt to spice up things up by pencilling in a trip to Sheffield for a swim at Ponds Forge on Tuesday. So I reschedule my week, bringing forward biking to work to today from tomorrow, to save my legs for Ponds Forge.

Then an overnight temperature of minus 1 makes me change my plans back again. I can’t afford to come off the bike on anything icy and pick up another injury. I put both swim and gym kit in the car to give me options for later.

Traffic was hell.

I go to the gym after work where I do 10k on the bike, 1k on the rowing machine and some weights. Then I head home to chuck some balls. L's out partying (again) in Derby so we can have the door open to our hearts’ content.

(Monday 20th January)

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