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Thursday 16 January 2014

A Good Business Decision

Squash is off, my opponent has cancelled. He says his back went while he was watching Johnny Depp in the Lone Ranger. Clearly he was living the part. If he sticks to chic flicks next week we might have a game on.

I go through the rigmarole of trying to get the game moved back a week as we are now within the 24 hour ‘no cancellations’ window.

The procedure is...
I ring the booking ‘hotline’. Who refuse to move it.
I ask to speak directly to the leisure centre. They refuse to transfer me.
I ask to speak to their supervisor. At which point they grudgingly put me through.
I speak to the leisure centre. Who refuse to move it.
I ask to speak to their supervisor. At which point they grudgingly agree to ‘see what they can do’.
Ten minutes later it appears changed on the online screen.

All rather long winded and wrong because you are allowed to ‘move’ bookings in the case of injuries. I email the council to check that this is still the case.

Proof that this is allowed is in the fact that you can do this all online and it's much less painful, that is when the online system is working. Which it isn’t at the moment.

At work, we do a pub lunch, where steak pie is back on the menu. Clearly they must have realised that removing their most popular dish wasn’t a good business decision. It is however, not good for the Cholesterol and my BMI.

Although clearly it is my squash opponent's fault that I’m fat. Plus I put myself through all the traffic thsi morning for no point whatsoever. There was no reason to be in the car today other than to play squash, which I’m now not doing.

So instead of playing squash I shall go home and throw footballs, for a while at least. Then we pick L up from her Sweatshop run. It’s nice to give the throwing arm a break.

(Thursday 16th January)

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