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Monday 27 January 2014

Somewhere A Bit Iffy

Near perfect cycling conditions today and I'm on the bus. Ho hum. As ever it’s the BBC’s fault for an over pessimistic weather forecast, although it does hail for a short while in the afternoon, but I’m a wimp for ducking out. The traffic is terrible, so at least it’s a good decision to not drive.

I see they have put out terrorist warnings for Sochi. Well that’s what the BBC say, so it’s sensationalised obviously but not as much as it will be in the Daily Mail which my Mum will be reading this morning. She won't be happy. Well actually I’m not happy but I have always wanted to go somewhere a bit ‘iffy’ before I die... I would just like to do the dying bit much later.

Such as in 33 years time. My life expectancy is 79.48 years apparently, although I would not expect that to be on this set of knees.

L is a bit miffed at that, hers is 89 and she won’t let me go before her. Can’t see why not, she’d get a few years peace in dotage.

Committee meeting tonight. No blood spilt. 

(Monday 27th January)

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