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Tuesday 21 January 2014

Chocolate Is Not The Answer

L is stressed and apparently chocolate is the only answer. Chocolate is not the answer and I’m sure she knows it. I tell her to take her stress out on the pool later.

Finally, our ‘we turn them around in a week’ Russian Visas arrive, three weeks after we applied for them but at least we have them now. So they're letting us in. My Mum won't be happy about that, she’s sure we’re going to get kidnapped whilst we’re there. She might be right. If she’s is, I’ll be expecting a refund on the Visas, they were bloody expensive.

Up at Ponds Forge I swim 1500m which is a decent workout despite a tight calf and cramp... 

We meet Daughter afterwards. She is stressing about her master’s application. A stress shared is a stress doubled as they say but I think it was a productive discussion. She works well under stress... I think. 

(Tuesday 21st January)

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