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Thursday 23 January 2014

Your Central Heating Makes You Fat

L hopes I’ve not see the latest dodgy advice on the BBC website.

Too late, I heard about it on the radio this morning. Shivering burns 200 calories an hour apparently.

L does take it seriously though and turns her heating down at work to its lowest setting. She says she'll either be dead skinny or just plain dead, due to hypothermia.

Squash is on this week but I win just the one game. Then we retire to the Navigation pub, although at first we think the place is closed as all the lights are off but we do notice that the doors are open. We go in to find that rather romantically all the tables and the bar are lit by candlelight. Apparently they’ve had a power cut.

It’s very resourceful of them to stay open like this. Most places would have stayed shut. Especially as they can’t use anything electric. So no lagers are available from the electric pumps, so it’s real ale or hand pulled cider all round. There’s also no till, so they’re working everything out by hand.

Perhaps all pubs should be this way, the ambiance is great. It’s just a shame I’m only with my squash partner.

Back home MD is trying to keep us all thin by having the back door open.

(Thursday 23rd January)

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