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Friday 24 January 2014

Toilets For Two

My calf is tight again and this combined with a prediction of foul weather ensures I get the bus rather than cycling to work. It’s been a really bad cycling week, as in zero cycling. Then the foul weather doesn’t arrive of course.

Things are hotting up for our Winter Olympics trip - terrorist attacks, Vanessa Mae qualifying rather dubiously by competing injunior races and toilets for two.

My Mum, who already isn’t keen on me going at all, will now not let me go to the toilet on my own either. 

The idea has merit though, in the Ladies at least. So many women already go to the toilet in twos. Can’t see it catching on in the Men’s though.

L has bought a bigger handbag to carry the ton of ID we'll need to get around Russia, although I suspect she’ll still find room to slip a couple of books in there. 

(Friday 24th January)

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