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Friday 31 January 2014

The Year of the Horse

Happy Year of the Horse. May all your gallops be injury free and fast ones.

Yes it’s Chinese New Year and we figure that we ought to celebrate it somehow, especially as we forgot to celebrate Burns Night last week.

As I’m in the car I pick up some prawn crackers for the dogs at lunchtime, when I also get a new kettle to replace the one that went bang this week. Then after work I slot in my weekly swim before heading home.

I cook Thai... because surely it must be Thai New Year as well? Nope. A quick google reveals that Thai New Year isn’t until April and you have to celebrate it with a water fight. That would freak Doggo out more than the fireworks for Chinese New Year do.

We open the wine and with Sochi coming up, we discuss our wills/possible demise. L is concerned that we will leave the kids penniless. I can’t see the problem myself, as they’re penniless now but they’ll do alright out of the life insurance. Daughter would inherit enough to see her through her Masters. We best not tell her that... not that she’d bump us off, she’d be more likely to try and fake our deaths. 

(Friday 31st January)

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