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Thursday 9 October 2014

A Lesser Dog

I send L some photos that were taken of me on Monday at dog training. I am pictured with a ‘lesser’ dog. It’s a Heinz 57 thing but is quite cute I suppose. Naturally L is thrilled telling me how good I look with something small and furry. Now she wants one instead of a new cooker. Tell that to the gasman.

I’m on the bus and after work I head straight to Nottingham and meet L at Beer Festival.

After an aperitif at Flipside we head to our favourites Lincoln Green where a guy from the brewery keeps giving me free samples of their Buttermuch Butterscotch flavoured ale in an attempt to convince me that I won’t like it because he doesn’t. Perhaps he’s just trying to get rid of it. He fails because I love it.

They also have our favourite Tuck with added Vimto. Very odd but ok although it’s better neat.

We forget to seek out the stagnant algae beer.

L (all thirds)
1. Flipside Russian Rouble 7.3%
2. Lincoln Green Quarterstaff 5.0%
3. Loch Lomond Silkie Stout 5.0%
4. Clouded Minds Hazelnutter 5.0%
5. Milestone Honey Porter 4.9%
6. Lincoln Green Tuck 4.7%
7. Raw Anubis Porter 5.2%

R (all halves)
1. Flipside Flipping Best 4.5%
2. Lincoln Green Buttermuch 5.5% (third)
3. Loose Cannon Porter 5.0%
4. Cheshire Brewhouse Smokehouse Porter 6.0%
5. Mile Tree 1850 Porter 5.4%
6. Hopcraft Crema Extrema Vanilla Porter 5.0%
7. Rock n Roll Dr Feelgood Chocolate Stout 6.5%
8. Milestone Tumbledown 7.5%
9. Liverpool Organic Imperial Russian Stout 7.4%

(Thursday 9th October)

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