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Saturday 18 October 2014

Gold Dust

L is running in a 10k at Clumber Park which has a very reasonable start time of 12 noon. 

I wouldn't mind having a look at the Off Road Duathlon that they are also holding but that starts at 9am. That’s a bit early, think we’ll have a lie in instead.

When we get there, I find that the problem with a 12 noon start is that the Clumber Park café only serves breakfast, e.g. bacon rolls, in the morning. I don't fancy a burger, so I’ll just have to wait until later for breakie.

The 10k turns out to be not very off road at all, in fact so on road even I could have done it. L does well though and then we head home for a mid-afternoon breakfast.

We have various grand plans for the evening but in the end, after moving away from the best beers last week, these are distilled down to find a decent beer and stay there. We hit gold dust in pub one, the Falcon. Tuck is on as is a coffee styled beer from a brewery I can’t remember. We stay put all night but fail to drink it dry and then pick up a curry from the Park Tandoori on the way home. Very naughty.

(Saturday 18th October)

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