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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Why Is It Always Wigan?

OMG. For the first time in thirteen games Derby lose and it’s flipping Wigan Athletic again. Why is it always Wigan?

They announce on the pitch at half time that season ticket holders get £2 off next year’s Derby Ramathon. L is already wavering and considering re-entering her least favourite race in living memory and the one that triggered her (what now appears to be temporary) retirement from half marathons. L vowed never again but now says she’d feel disloyal if she didn’t put herself through it. So I enter too.

While at my parents’ house I discover that my mother still has my old Lego and a bag of marbles with my name on it...

L takes me into town to drown my sorrows in the Falcon, in the Borlase and in the Organ Grinder. Whether this is the sorrows of Derby’s defeat or the sorrows of being Ramathon-ed again, take your pick.

I have a suspiciously gone off tasting pint of Centurion in the Borlase and a generous taste of L’s 10% stout in the Organ Grinder.

(Saturday 25th October)

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