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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Jumping To No Conclusions

L tells me that Ramathon entries are opening soon but she couldn’t give me any more details as she deleted the email instantly after not enjoying the experience much last year. Luckily I’d had the same email. 

It will be staring from Pride Park Stadium this time and entries have been doubled to 4000 runners. Sounds good but I don’t think I dare enter this time as it’s still the week after the Outlaw Half and another pull-out would probably beckon.

It’s too wet to bike, so I take the bus. Which is fine on the way there but the Red Arrow is only slightly larger than a minibus on the way home. I knew they’d revert back to being totally **** once they’d seen off CityLink.

I get home to find the dog gate is open and at least one of the dogs has been upstairs and claimed the territory in usual Doggo territorial grabbing style. Jumping to no conclusions naturally. 

(Tuesday 14th October)

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