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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Clocks Go Back

The clocks go back but no one told the dogs and I’m ill. I either overindulged last night (maybe the extra taste of L’s 10%er) or it was that dodgy pint of Centurion. I’m siding with the latter.

Later we take a massive amount of electrical stuff to be WEEE recycled. Most of these are bits of game consoles and the like that the kids have acquired over the years. If they were all put together in the right order some of them might work but that’s never going to happen. I suppose somebody might fish them out of the skip and make them work but I don't it.

Then we head to Wickes for some paint, time to remove the eclectic pink from Daughters old room as we seek to move ourselves up stairs.

(Sunday 26th October)

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