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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hurricane Gonzalo

Hurricane Gonzalo stops me cycling, the b******. So I take the bus, which is any one of those silly minibus things again, which they all seem to be now. Really worth the £8 return ticket and not comfortable either after getting caught in the downpour that started the moment I reached the end of our street.

I see a few hardy/stupid folk cycling but I feel not cycling was possibly the correct decision today.

We’re on a recruitment drive to our dog classes and tonight I have a young student lass booked for initiation. When I get there there’s not one but two of them. Bonus, for the club that is. One has a Dalmatian, the other just a notebook. She’s just come to study what we put our dogs through. She’s probably better off not knowing.

Meanwhile, a late penalty gives Derby a 1-0 win at Blackpool and sends them to the top of the table. Where we expect them to stay.

After class I again meet L and her brother at Masons pub.

(Tuesday 21st October) 

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