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Monday, 6 October 2014

Any Excuse For A Sportive

As I attempt to go to the shops at lunchtime I discover the car has acquired a flat tyre since this morning. So I have to change it before I shop which is a bit inconvenient particularly in the rain.

Surprisingly although it rains almost all day it stops in the evening and dog training is on.

L meanwhile is out for a curry in Borrowash, a scorching hot madras she says to dispel the germs which have been plaguing her recently. Although in the same breath she quoting an old Daily Mail article at me that says you need to cycle for five hours to burn off all the calories from an Indian meal, basically the equivalent of a sizeable sportive. They are, of course, stereotyping that all Indian meals are the same but any excuse for a sportive is fine by me.

L even brings a curry home for me on the bus. So we’ll be pedalling hand in hand again. 

(Monday 6th October)

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