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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Do Not Use Or You’ll Die

Our gas people have been nagging me for months to come and replace our gas meter with a more modern one but they expect us to be at home. Err no, we have jobs. Anyway I’ve eventually cracked under pressure of repeated phone calls and they’re coming at 8am on Wednesday. They say it will take less than half an hour, not that I believe them.

I offer to go into work a bit late but in the end L does the deed as she’s off today and heading to Manchester to rendezvous with our Masters student.

They do the meter then for good measure condemn our cooker, sticking a big ‘do not use or you’ll die’ sticker on it. This is slightly over the top, just because the knobs are falling off it but I’ll bear it in mind.

I cycle. It didn't rain on me on the way to work but made up for it in spades on the way home. Where yet again there’s no one home to help me out of my wet lycra. Other than the two dogs who are very willing helpers, as long as I chuck a ball at the same time.

(Wednesday 8th October)

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