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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

The Near Miss Project

On the bike today and it’s a very nice morning for it. The advantage of the clocks change is that not only was it not dark this morning, it was sunny as well.

Today I am tasked with keeping a record of my cycling and more specifically any incidents that happen. It’s rather fetchingly called the ‘Near Miss Project’.

They ask for any incidents that cause avoiding action to be taken but also any interactions with other road users that cause worry or annoyance. Blimey, really? I could fill a book. Daily. I list just three.

1. The pedestrian who stepped off the curb into my path without looking in Spondon. No avoiding actions taken. In fact the opposite because I did try to run him down because he was so bloody annoying. This happens most days.

2. The car that pulled out of a side road in front of me in Risley. It was far from life threatening and I’m sure he saw me but naturally expected me to slow down to avoid hitting him, which obviously I did. I’m not sure he’d have pulled the same stunt to a car driver. This also happens most days.

3. The guy in the big SUV Noddy mobile who deliberately blocked me all the way up Derby Road as we both sat in the traffic jam. He drove millimetres from the curb despite the fact he had about six feet on the other side. I’m assuming it was deliberate because nobody can be that bad a driver accidentally.

They also asked for any incidents that involved road conditions or infrastructure, including potholes. It goes without saying that there are far too many of these to list but perhaps because I know where they all are they don’t really count anyway.

In the League Cup, Derby come from 2-0 down to win 5-2 at Fulham and make the quarter finals. Wa-Hey.

(Tuesday 28th October)

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