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Friday, 31 October 2014

Doughnuts And Wine

We are heading to the Lake District tonight for the weekend and our preparations have raised the dogs’ suspicions. They know something's going on, so they were waiting at the door packed and ready to go this morning when usually they’d be slumped on their bedding as we leave for work. We can’t get much past that pair.

L has a boozy lunch, because of a leaving do, so I guess I’m driving us north tonight. Then again I usually do.

The media is once again split over what is the healthiest fare for such a lunch. Is a glass of wine or a doughnut healthier for you? Calorie wise they are equal, that is if you compare a large glass of wine with a small doughnut. If going by weight, the doughnut has three times as many. Then of course you’d have to eat half a bag of sugar, a tub of lard and a good dose from the salt cellar to get the other health ‘benefits’.

We arrive in Langdale, throw up the tent and hit the Old Dungeon Ghyll. We skip the wine and the doughnuts and go straight for the Old Peculiar naturally. 

(Friday 31st October)

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