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Monday, 27 October 2014

Dib Dib Dib

I arrive at the office to find walls being taken now and reconstructed. ‘Wall’ being a bit of a tenuous term considering the Lego like structure of modern offices. They are reshaping our office again and putting it back to how it was two years ago. So that was worthwhile then.

Tickets for Glastonbury’s glamping at Worthy View go on sale at 12 noon. I grab us some five star accommodation for next year’s festival. Dib dib dib. 

Doggo is at the vets tonight, which he takes rather well. He has his booster, an anal squeeze and some roughage. As in a pot of roughage to add to his food thereby bypassing the need for another anal squeeze. The young female vet asks if he could come back so that she can put her fingers up his rear end again in six months’ time just to make sure. Doggo nods his approval.

L heads off to indulge in a good punch up and some weightlifting. We head off dogging.

(Monday 27th October)

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