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Friday 6 November 2015

Gait Analysis

I'm on the bus today on a posh new Red Arrow. The new buses are absolutely massive, the kind someone like U2 would take on a World Tour rather than just for a 15 mile trip down the A52. Clearly somebody is making far too much money. Can we please halve the fares and have something smaller?

I have had some gait analysis. Apparently my left knee and my left leg are pointing in opposite directions or something. So says L, who has been watching me hobble. Personally I think my whole body just points where it likes.

Not only is it Friday, it’s a Lakeland Friday. L is already looking forward to an exciting night of a new audiobook in the car, camping in the rain, OP in the ODG, drunken passion in the tent and cake. Cake? She can't imagine why everyone thinks we're mad. I thought everybody was dead jealous, is that not the case?

The audiobook is Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott and amazingly just like my current book is a detective story set in Manchester. None of which is painting that fair city in a very good light.

The book is good and keeps us entertained. We pause it briefly to find out that Derby are losing the East Midlands derby 1-0 at half time when we go out of reception. 

When we arrive we have a minor disaster as I flatten the car battery using the headlights to help put the tent up. So we’re going to need a jump start before we can parkrun tomorrow. 

(Friday 6th November)

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