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Monday 2 November 2015

Fogged Off

Wiggle have received L’s squeaky shoes and have refunded me. I wonder what they do with them?
Perhaps they send them to one of those charities asking for shoes for Africa or wherever it is they send them.
Could be loads of people squeaking along the banks of the Nile as we speak.

It is still misty but I’m looking forward to a spot of foggy dogging. L will endeavour not to get lost in the mist on a run in Derby.

As it happens I’m not surprised that dog training is fogged off. L’s run also doesn’t take place.

I try to make the most of having the car by heading to Borrowash for a much needed haircut but they are not even open. Monday is early closing apparently. Having taken so long to get there due to the terrible traffic it’s now too late to swim because they will shut at 7pm and it’ll be at least 6.30pm before I could even get there.

I chuck a few balls instead and then pick L up from Ockbrook.

(Monday 2nd November)

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